God has called US to live in community with one another.  We are excited to meet new people in the area and hope you will take us up on this opportunity to connect with our unique network of Pastors, Coaches, Business Owners, Volunteers and Various Local Leaders to make a lasting difference in our Fiesta District community. We are open to listening and learning about the needs and issues that surrounds the families we serve. We are planning digital connection events soon so check the CALENDAR and REGISTER NOW for more DIGITAL updates.

1. Send us an Email:  We want to hear from YOU about topics that may be helpful in your community!  Even if you are not in the Fiesta District, we are here to listen.  We want to connect and engage in community with you.  Our passion is to help our community take next steps in their spiritual development and personal growth and we LOVE seeing what God can do through a connection.      

2. Connect on Social Media:  We know that the internet is full of so much negative stuff.  We intend to share God's light on our Digital Platforms including any and all Social Media. We believe that this unique time has given us a set of unique tools that we should use to share the gospel.  When Jesus goes viral, only then we will have fulfilled our true mission!

3. Share with a friend:  As you get connected with us, we hope to add value to your life in some way.  We want to spread LOVE in this community and believe that you will want to invite others along.  As you feel inspired, share our sermons, podcasts, email messages and articles with those in your life who may be searching for more purpose or meaning in life.