WHY WE study together 

God has called US to get better in many area of our lives which require an intentional approach of study, discussion, evaluation and reflection.  We use the BIBLE as our daily compass for our lives to give us direction and guidance as we face the trials of life.  We believe that God calls us into community especially to ENGAGE and DISCUSS his Word with others.  Growing deeper in our understanding of God's Word will give us more clarity to the purpose He has in store for each of our lives.  We also have live content and additional study resources that can help you navigate your next steps.  Here are the early resources we plan to leverage to get this process started.   

1. YouVersion Bible App - www.bible.com

Get the App Downloaded or accessed from a PC, create a log-in and connect with Pastor JD and the Fiesta Launch Team

2. Live On-line Bible Study with Q&A

Stay Tuned, more to come on this topic soon!

3. Growth and Development Tracks

Stay Tuned, more to come on this topic soon!